Energy Benefits of A Tiny House

If you love watching HGTV or keeping up with international housing trends, then you know all about the tiny house movement. People around the world are selling their homes and opting to buy and live in much smaller quarters for reasons that include self-sufficiency, finances, and environmental consciousness. Did you know that Vermont has its very own Tiny House Festival? You can attend workshops, view different tiny houses and meet local builders!

How environmentally friendly can a tiny house be? Below we have listed four energy efficiency benefits of living in a tiny home.

Less square footage.

The most obvious reason a tiny house is more energy efficient than a standard home is due to its small size. Tiny houses typically range from 100 to 400 square feet, whereas the average American home rounds off at about 2,600 square feet. With less area to heat or cool, the amount spent on energy bills is also lower.


Fewer light bulbs.

With less space, fewer light bulbs are needed in a tiny home. Since those choosing to live in tiny homes are often environmentally conscious, their choice of light bulb is often an LED. LED light bulbs use significantly less energy (up to 75% less) than inefficient incandescent light bulbs. Tiny homes also characteristically have large windows that let in lots of natural light, so there is minimal need for more than a few light bulbs in the home.


Solar panels.

Many tiny homes also come equipped with solar panels that help to power the home. Since a tiny home uses so little energy to begin with, solar panels may be all that is needed in many cases to power the home. Tiny homes are also conveniently mobile, so inhabitants can move the home to best catch the sun’s rays throughout the year.



Most tiny homes are very well insulated between all of their inner and exterior walls. This insulation keeps all the warmth inside during the winter or the cool air in during the summer, which reduces the amount that individuals need to spend on energy bills. If you’re looking to insulate your regular-sized home, consider putting insulation in the attic first—a huge percentage of your home’s heat is lost through the roof as heat rises.


Are you ready to save on your energy bills, but not quite ready for a tiny home? Get an energy audit with HEAT Squad, and our energy auditors will tell you where you can make energy efficiency improvements in your home in order to save the most on energy bills, allowing you to feel comfortable in your home. Visit or call (802) 438-2303 to schedule your audit today!